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I started racing pigeons in 1997 as a boy whilst still at school.  I obtained my first pigeons from Johan Schoeman (Jo-An Hokke) from Hopetown - an Ocsar/Jansen cock 3126/94 and a De Klak/Jansen hen 11992/93.  December holidays I visited an old fancier Alec Louw, in Glentana, South Cape.  He gave me a Jansen/Putterie/De Barre hen 9967/97, direct from the lofts of Vic Furstenburg.  These three pigeons formed the basis of my loft. 

In 2000, whilst completing Grade 12, I finished 4th in Hopetown Pigeon Club with +/- 20 members.  In 2001 I pursued my studies towards becoming a Pharmacist, and due to my studies,I had to leave the sport.


In 2014 I moved back to Hopetown as a qualified pharmacist and owner of Hopetown Pharmacy, and in 2018 I decided to enter pigeon sport again.

With the help of Top South African pigeon fanciers, I was privileged to obtain some of the best blood / strains locally.  I am thankful and honored to have cross paths with the following pigeon fanciers, whose different strains form the basis of my loft (in no particular order):

-  Twilights  (Johan & Mark King, Alwyn Bester, Johan Boonzaaier, Nico Dreyer)

-  Houben (Nico Dreyer, Johan & Mark King)

-  Tom Lock (Alwyn Bester, Egbert O' Kelly, Juan Aspeling, Johan & Mark King )

-  Sablon (spesifically the 810/8855 line) (Egbert O' Kelly, Alwyn Bester, JJJ van der Linde, 

   Tinus Boshoff)

-  Spritzy / Blou Bul / Lou Wouter (Ferdie Coetzer)


2019, my 2nd year of competing, was a good year for me.  I ended 3rd in Hopetown Pigeon Club with 11 members, with the following results:

-  best (5890 ZA 18 NK) and 2nd best (4250 GPU 18 - bred by J& M King) Middle Distance 

   Pigeon in Hopetown Pigeon Club,

-  best (5838 ZA 18 NK) and 3rd best (5865 ZA 18 NK) Long Distance Pigeon in Hopetown Pigeon


-  4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, etc best pigeon overall in Hopetown Pigeon Club and 

-  winning 9 out of 40 races in 2019 in Hopetown Pigeon Club

-  flew three 2nd places and two 3rd places overall in NKPF (Noord Kaaplandse Posduif Federasie)

-  ended 14th overall in NKPF on single points system and 9th overall in NKPF on all points system

   with 84 members

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